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Setting the standard for service and quality on the West Island
As a trusted market-leader, F Cousineau Excavations has been satisfying service-sensitive customers on the West Island and surrounding areas for over 20 years.  Our proven solutions, expertise and commitment to quality benefits home owners, property managers, municipalities, companies, schools, health organizations and others.

Timely snow removal.  Excavation and general demolition. Waterproofing and repair of foundation cracks and French drains. Delivery and hauling of aggregate and construction debris. Transport of construction vehicles and heavy equipment to job sites. Grading work and removal of stone and earth.  Soil recycling and delivery.  These are just some of the solutions that our clients enjoy year after year.

Many local providers rent equipment and vehicles to deliver on contracts and they are not responsible for breakdowns that can negatively impact delivery of your services.   At F Cousineau, we proudly own, maintain and reinvest in our impressive inventory of vehicles and tools. The difference is experienced quality, reliability, accountability, uninterrupted services and your peace of mind.

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